The World Mediation Forum (WMF) is an international charitable organization, founded on interdisciplinarity and at the service of mediators worldwide.

The WMF’s mission is the development and exchange of knowledge, information and competencies in all mediation arenas, notably through the regular organization of international congresses for more than fifteen years.

The organization of the 9th Congress of the World Mediation Forum in Quebec is a first in North America and a source of pride for us. This international event will provide an opportunity to highlight the role of Quebec and Canada in developing alternative approaches to mediation and conflict resolution.

The theme of this 9th Congress of the World Mediation Forum « A Comparative Look at Interpersonal and International Mediation » provides an occasion for participants to exchange and reflect on two sets of mediation practices and expertise that do not usually speak to one another.

Although methodologically cross-cutting, mediation is applied to the resolution of conflicts that emerge in different settings. It is therefore important to ask whether the theoretical and ethical stakes of mediation are affected by the diversity of practice areas to which it is applied.

The 9th Congress of the World Mediation Forum will gather experts of mediation from all continents who will be called upon to discuss their experiences, as well as the limits and prospects of a mediation stance in widely varying conflicts and contexts of intervention.