Organizing committee


Organizing Committee of the 9th Congress of the World Mediation Forum

Mylène Jaccoud,

Professor, Centre de recherche en droit public, École de Criminologie, University of  Montreal, Canada

President of the Organizing Committee

Pascale Neuman,

Coordinator, Mediator, Canada

Guillaume Arandel,

Assistant of the director of the Department of the politics of insertion, probation and prevention of the second offense, Mission des services pénitentiaires de l’Outre-mer, Ministry of Justice, France

Marie-Claude Barbeau-Leduc,

Student  in criminology at the University of Montreal, Canada

Nathalie Croteau,

Lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, civil law, co-ownership, work, Member of the Institut de médiation et

d’arbitrage du Québec (IMAQ), Canada

Jacques Faget,

Directof of reseach at CNRS (Emile Durkheim Center), professor at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux,  Université Bordeaux I, France

Claude Houssemand

Professor, director of the Master in Mediation, Faculté des Lettres, des Sciences humaines, des Arts et des Sciences de l’éducation, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Isabelle Tardif

Director, Alternative justice and mediation, Granby, representantative of the ASSOJAQ (Association

des organismes de justice alternative du Québec), Canada

Annalisa Trovo,

Representative of the President of the World Mediation Forum : Professor Gian Piero Turchi, Italy

Marie-Joëlle Zahar

Professor, director of the Research Network on Peace Operations Centre for International Studies and

Research, University of Montreal, Canada



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