Training / May 19th 2017

PRACTICAL WORKSHOP: Narrative Practice in Mediation, Conflict Analysis & Conflict Resolution

This training, in English, will be simultaneously translated into French and Spanish

8h30 - 12h00       Group 1: salle Aspen

13h30 - 17h00     Group 2: salle Aspen


May 19 2017, two half-days (morning or afternoon, 3,5 hours each)

Gerald Monk is a professor in the Department Counseling and School Psychology at San Diego State University in San Diego.

He is the co-author of the foundational text on Narrative Mediation: A New Approach to Conflict Resolution (Monk and Winsdale, 2000) that has popularized and promoted this new style of mediation that identifies the clashes of culture as central to the understanding of conflict analysis and conflict resolution.

The training workshop will allow participants to learn the main features of the narrative approach in mediation and conflict resolution.

This training will include both theoretical foundations and practical illustrations and the workshop will also include video clips and experiential activities.

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